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Serengeti Tracker, the industry's highest-rated and most widely used system for matter management, e-billing and legal analytics, drives worldwide best practices at more than 900 leading corporate law departments to increase cost control, reduce spend and drive efficient collaboration, both internally and with outside counsel.





Proven Performance — Ask more than 250,000 users worldwide!

Tracker’s unique integration of matter management, e-billing, and legal analytics leads the field as the most widely used system, best value, and it earned the highest overall satisfaction rating from both law departments and law firms. Connection with 100% of your outside counsel, ease of use, international functionality and quick implementation consistently make Tracker the top-rated system by both in-house and outside counsel.

Optimize your Investment while Minimizing Risk

Don't worry about hidden fees or charges to your law firms, Serengeti is free to outside counsel. Once you install Tracker, you will find most of your firms (more than 34,000 worldwide) are already Tracker savvy. One monthly fee covers all ongoing services, including support, new user training and two annual upgrades.

Advanced Data Security—100% Confidential Access

Serengeti Tracker is the first and only legal matter management and e-billing system to be SOC 2 and SOC 3 certified. The SOC 2 Type II compliance standard includes security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality as defined by the AICPA. The SOC 3 Report provides the description of Serengeti’s information security controls and the opinion of the auditor as to the relevance of those controls.


Turn your Team into Experts in the Business of Law

Tracker was built by attorneys, for attorneys. With an intuitive interface, extensive online help, and online training that is accomplished in just one hour, Serengeti Tracker makes an expert out of anyone, from General Counsel to paralegals to billing staff. Serengeti’s special relationship with the Association of Corporate Counsel and the General Counsel Roundtable, as well as our network of more than 250,000 users worldwide, gives Serengeti unique access to significant developments in the profession.




Serengeti Tracker organizes your key legal data in a secure, online system ensuring efficiency and consistent management with outside counsel. All of the features necessary to manage legal matters (legal spend, budgets, documents and deadlines) are included.

Advanced Data Security—100% Confidential Access

Serengeti Tracker is the first and only legal matter management and e-billing provider to be SOC 2  and SOC 3 certified. The SOC 2 Type II compliance standard includes security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality as defined by the AICPA. The report* provides a description of Serengeti’s information security controls, details of the tests and results of those controls and an auditor opinion on the suitability and efficacy of the controls implemented by Serengeti. The SOC 3 Report provides the description of Serengeti’s information security controls and the opinion of the auditor as to the relevance of those controls. *The SOC 2 report is available upon request with an executed NDA.


Matter Management

Track only the information you need, secure from the source and organized for quick access/review via your customized Tracker Dashboard, loaded with key data to drive efficiency and intelligence across your team. Track matter results including duration, predictive accuracy and lessons learned while evaluating and comparing performance across outside counsel. View matter detail in aggregate to better enforce billing requirements, status updates and key calendar events.

Electronic Billing

Take the guesswork out of invoice audit processing and approval by managing electronic invoices in any electronic format from 100% of your firms worldwide. Enforce timekeeper rates, expense compliance and all billing guidelines with Approver workflow routing to preset and ad-hoc approvers. Quickly be alerted to over-spend by outside counsel on any matter at any stage. SaaS technology provides configurable fields for data transfer to Accounts Payable, increasing security and accuracy.

Document Management

Manage all of your documents and communications online with one collaborative system. Protect all key data—drafts, notices, email, amendments, notes and contract revisions—in one secure place as each matter moves through to resolution. Never lose track of document status or miss a review cycle.

Tracking Budgets, Reporting and Trending

Capture spending estimates directly from your firms to better manage budget-to-actual comparisons. Track legal spend by department, time period, or even phase of litigation to easily roll up to internal forecasting and tracking. Easily produce standard and customized reports that analyze budgets and spending, summarize key information and identify developing trends. Build it once; utilize it continuously for increased efficiency across all matters.

Service of Process

Automatically retrieve and route SOP documents and information directly into your matters from your registered agents for assignment to appropriate users, including deadlines and calendared alerts.

Legal Analytics

For the first time, your department has access to real data and trends that will empower you to streamline operations, analyze financial relationships with outside firms and ultimately, deliver highly effective legal work. A revolutionary way to easily access comparative and analytical information about your own performance—right within the context of your Tracker workflow.




Data at your Fingertips

For example, a health care company can see what other health care companies, that also have $5 billion in revenue and five to ten attorneys in their legal department, are paying for Atlanta IP partners. Now, stop for a minute and read the previous sentence again. This is Big Data for legal departments -- powerful, real-time data at your fingertips. Ready to utilize within your Serengeti Tracker subscription at no additional charge, within the context of your matters, invoices and workflows. Now, you can benchmark your department performance to everyone else.

Tracker Delivers

Streamline operations, analyze financial relationships and deliver highly effective legal work with Serengeti Analytics. Concurrently, leverage aggregate comparative and benchmark data to see where your department ‘slots’ across global comparative legal spend.

  • Drill down to your peer group by industry, spend, department size and/or company size.
  • Isolate specific types of work, rates by metro area and/or classification, and law firm performance
    by substantive law.
  • Compare your legal spend and risk data against similar law departments for insight into your company's performance.

Serengeti Tracker is the only matter management and e-billing solution that delivers real time, non-survey or extrapolated, analytics data to provide the metrics that you need to make data driven decisions.

You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure

Serengeti Tracker includes real-time analytics based on global data that you can use to measure your legal department’s performance, law firm performance, benchmark rate comparisons, and review spend and budget guidelines. Aggregated data from more than 800 law departments and 34,000 law firms provides the most robust data in the industry, creating an index of worldwide metrics to compare your departments’ performance to your peers.




Matter Management

Tracker replaces paper, emails and databases used by many departments with electronic data that is searchable, reportable and always up-to-date.

  • Tailor templates to your industry-specific work
  • Customize matter fields and their attributes
  • Design and enforce custom workflows
  • Review your customized dashboard at a glance, including alerts for specialized tasks
  • Ensure invoice data is timely and complete

Financial Management

Tracker allows you to view spend information entered electronically by outside firms, simplifying critical tasks like budget to actual spend review, accrual collection and internal/external cost comparisons.

  • Connect to all outside counsel
  • Eliminate paper approval processes
  • Automate currency conversion
  • Track international taxes
  • Customize output of approved invoice data
  • Implement electronic invoicing to route, audit and approve bills online, and deliver to Accounts Payable for payment
  • Simplify budget and payment workflow to outside counsel
  • Review new changes to current law firm budgets
  • Manage your law firms' legal spend against budget
  • Edit budget reforecasts
  • Simplify legal spend management with preconfigured reports

Document Management

Integrate document and matter management with Tracker's complementary module functionality.

  • Store electronic documents in any file format in Tracker or link to a network, URL or third-party document management system
  • Attach related files or addenda to a document and choose to show or hide it in the main document view
  • Build in due dates, reminders and owners for workflow management
  • Group documents into customizable folders within a matter
  • Set access security on a document
  • Search documents and their related metadata across all matters
  • Build and save custom document views
  • Organize contracts and related documents into customizable online files with controlled access
  • Search database fields for all contracts by parties, clauses, warranties, assignability, termination dates, notice provisions and other important terms
  • Track all payments under contract
  • Designate contracts by materiality, type, or status
  • Track renewals, expirations and other deadlines 
  • Generate e-mail alerts in advance of due dates

Service of Process

This module manages all of your Service of Process (SOP) records and deadlines.

  • Streamline intake and assignment process
  • Organize response information
  • Send email reminders of upcoming due dates
  • Display alerts when needed

Analytics, Reports and Trends

Serengeti Tracker provides access to the largest source of aggregated comparative and benchmark data.

  • Timekeeper Rate Evaluator
  • Timekeeper rate trends
  • Law firm analysis
  • Law department financial and operational metrics
  • Audit flag preview for law firms
  • Identify trends in volume and type of work, liability exposure, spend and results
  • View budget-to-actual comparisons to reveal problem areas and produce more accurate forecasts
  • Assign new work to outside counsel who have the best track record for similar work



Get Smart about Legal E-billing, Matter Management, and Analytics

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 What Clients Are Saying


“We use Tracker for virtually all aspects of our practice: from matter management, to collaboration with outside counsel, invoice processing and reporting — it does it all. But we’re even more impressed with the commitment of the Serengeti team to understand our needs and respond with new features. Serengeti is a great company, with the best system on the market for our needs.”

Jeffrey Carr
General Counsel,

FMC Technologies

“Serengeti has been great for our smaller law department. With only a few in-house lawyers we are able to efficiently audit invoices from all of our firms, manage budgets and documents and track key information online. We can also quickly generate the management report that we need. Small law departments get the same system and service as the largest companies on Serengeti. This is an excellent choice for a department of our size."

Larry Gang
Assistant General Counsel,

Vail Resorts

“Serengeti Tracker allows attorneys to efficiently review and approve bills online. Tracker also enables us to generate up-to-date spending reports – in both U.S. and foreign currencies – which helps to track spending across all parts of our legal department."

Joanna Leinaweaver
Legal Administrator

"We wanted a system that would make us significantly more efficient managing our legal work worldwide. It needed to be easy to use for our in-house attorneys and staff, as well as our outside law firms. Instead of paper, we now have organized online information coming in directly from our firms, keeping us on top of our legal spending and results."

Steve Rosen
Vice President, Law
Alcatel Lucent

"Having the service of process documents feed directly into Serengeti from CSC has made a definite impact on the Legal Department. With Serengeti and CSC, we can easily retrieve our SOP documents, notify the appropriate people and monitor response due dates. Moreover, because the entire process is electronic, we can easily track the processing of each SOP document online.”

Linda Turteltaub
Corporate Counsel,
Skanska USA Building
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