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The highest rated legal matter management, e-billing and analytics system is also the easiest to implement and use.

Serengeti Tracker gives you a clear view of your entire legal landscape so you can identify, assess and even predict problems before they occur. With one integrated SaaS system, you can track time and money, projects and productivity, in-house activity and outside expenditures like never before.

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 Serengeti Tracker

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Built by attorneys, for attorneys, Serengeti Tracker provides law departments a totally new way to work, setting new standards and best business practices for the efficient management of legal work in-house and, most significantly, with outside counsel.

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For Tracker Clients

Partner with Serengeti Professional Services to realize the full benefit of Tracker. We focus on leveraging Tracker to increase efficiency, drive visibility, manage outside counsel, control costs and reduce risk.

 Thomson Reuters Legal Solutions

For Legal Professionals

Thomson Reuters builds solutions for legal professionals worldwide, including Serengeti Tracker. Learn more about law products that deliver the legal content, technology and expertise of Thomson Reuters to drive success for your legal business.
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