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The highest rated legal matter management, e-billing and analytics system is also the easiest to implement and use.

Serengeti Tracker gives you a clear view of your entire legal landscape so you can identify, assess and even predict problems before they occur. With one integrated SaaS system, you can track time and money, projects and productivity, in-house activity and outside expenditures like never before.

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 Serengeti Tracker

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For Law Firms

Introducing Serengeti Tracker, the industry's highest-rated and most widely used system for managing e-billing, matter management and analytics. Tracker incorporates worldwide best practices from leading law departments to increase cost control, reduce spend, and drive efficient collaboration, both internally and with outside counsel.

 Serengeti Professional Services


For Corporate Counsel

Partner with Serengeti Professional Services to realize the full benefit of Tracker. We focus on leveraging Tracker to increase efficiency, drive visibility, manage outside counsel, control costs and reduce risk. Our team of seasoned attorneys and technical experts is poised to help with a suite of fee-based solutions.

 Serengeti Tracker Plus


For Law Firms

What if you could eliminate billing guideline violations before they reach your client? Serengeti Tracker Plus allows law firm billing departments to preview audit flags and verify rates in real time. Shorten invoice approval cycles and receive faster payment on outstanding invoices.

 Concourse Legal Hold


For Corporate Counsel

Legal holds are more stressful than ever. There's often very little time to implement them, plenty of room for error, and almost no leniency from the courts. But why stress over spreadsheets when there's such a simple solution? Concourse Legal Hold creates a process that is repeatable, automated and defensible.

 Thomson Reuters Legal Solutions

For Corporate Counsel For Law Firms

Serengeti is proud to be a Thomson Reuters business, the world's leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. Start to take advantage of the suite of information management offerings for the legal profession worldwide - because the right information in the right hands leads to the knowledge to act.
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