Serengeti Tracker First Choice Against Competitors

New research from Blue Hill rates Serengeti Tracker as the first choice for corporate legal departments seeking an optimal balance of flexibility, ease of use, deployment, reliable functionality and best value-to-cost ratio in an automated e-billing and matter management solution.

Tracker delivers:

  • 100% automated implementation promotes instant value
  • Flexible and functional reporting
  • Reduction in legal spend proves ROI
  • High degree of usability and flexibility
  • Centralization of data and process
  • Low license fees delivered via SaaS model positively impact ROI
  • 100% capture of invoicing and billing data coupled with a high level of visibility
  • Best user experience and quality of support

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Overall, the participants found that Serengeti offered an optimal balance of flexibility, ease of use and deployment, and reliable functionality, providing the best value-to-cost ratio of the solutions evaluated.

David Houlihan,
Principal Analyst
Blue Hill Research

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