Serengeti Contributes to Creation of New ACC Value Index | Electronic Invoicing & Matter Management

Attorney evaluation exchange built on established Serengeti methodology

Bellevue, WA – November 5, 2009 Serengeti is pleased that its close working relationship with the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) helped support the successful launch of the ACC Value Index, an online service for ACC members through which in-house counsel can exchange evaluations of their law firms. The ACC Value Index based its six rating criteria on a successful set of performance criteria developed by Serengeti for its matter management program used by many in-house lawyers, including some of the members of the Steering Committee of the ACC Value Challenge initiative. Serengeti's e-billing and matter management system is currently used by more than 18,000 in-house legal professionals. Because the criteria adopted by ACC in the ACC Value Index are compatible with the Serengeti system, many Serengeti users responded to ACC's request to upload hundreds of evaluations into the ACC Value Index.

To further encourage the broad adoption of the ACC Value Index, Serengeti enhanced evaluation functionality in its system. The updated process will permit law departments to schedule periodic evaluations for some or all of their legal projects. Further, the completion of evaluations can be tied to invoice approval, ensuring that evaluations are completed regularly by the attorneys most familiar with the work of outside counsel. This new functionality will be available to all Serengeti law department users free of charge on November 14, 2009.

"The latest annual ACC/Serengeti survey of law departments shows that deriving value from relationships with outside counsel is a top priority for corporate counsel," said Rob Thomas, Vice President of Strategic Development at Serengeti. "Thus, it is only natural that our partnership with ACC should extend from our surveys to the use of Serengeti's time-proven criteria in the ACC Value Index. We believe that the latest enhancements to our evaluation processes will result in even more valuable data for in-house counsel."

"We've been using Serengeti for years to capture critical lessons learned and share that knowledge to drive continuous improvement from our firms," said Jeffrey W. Carr, Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary at FMC Technologies, Inc. "We were glad to contribute our Serengeti evaluation data to the ACC Value Index because the more information it contains, the more valuable it will be for all ACC members."

"ACC thanks its long-time friend Serengeti for their valuable support and assistance on this project," said Fred Krebs, ACC President. "Serengeti allowed us to use their time-tested evaluation criteria; it was critical to us in providing a proven baseline upon which to build the ACC Value Index. Serengeti has once again shown their value to ACC members and to the organization by enabling us to help their customers upload evaluations to the ACC Value Index so quickly and easily."

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Serengeti Law provides Serengeti Tracker, a Web-based electronic invoicing and matter management system used by corporate law departments to work more efficiently with their law firms. Serengeti Tracker includes online document and contract management, electronic bill processing, automated budget management, and configurable matter management. In-house counsel can also create reports to analyze trends in spending, track status and results, and create performance benchmarks. More information is available

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