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Built by lawyers, for lawyers, Legal Tracker provides law departments a totally new way to work, setting new standards and best business practices for the efficient management of legal work in-house and, most significantly, with outside counsel. To keep in touch with our thought leaders and emerging technology for your legal department, view a recent white paper!

Legal Spend Reduction Any CFO Can Embrace
We recognize that bridging the gap between the value new technologies can deliver and the investment made by your organization is sometimes difficult to translate to your CFO. Here's one way to present how more efficient legal process improvements and cost reductions can be realized—in a way any CFO will understand.
Savvy GCs Run Their Legal Departments Like Businesses
Legal departments today face unique challenges and pressures, often tasked with doing more with less. Corporate leaders, like Jamba Juice and H&R Block, are gaining efficiencies and demonstrating savings with SaaS data reporting at their fingertips.
Ten Ways to Maximize Your E-billing and Matter Management System
Once legal leadership has purchased a new matter management and e-billing software solution, great expectations quickly follow. Even the most sophisticated legal department can improve because the landscape is always changing. Be sure to change with it.
Transform Your Legal Department in Six Months
Whether you're a new GC in a legal department or simply looking to make positive changes in your department, the process of change is never simple. Discover how to start driving transformation in your legal department, today.
Top Ten Legal Department Technology Myths Busted!
Have you heard the one about the Minotaur on the Mount that told the GC to slash her spending by half or face the wrath of Zeus? Me neither, nor are those the types of myths we’ll be busting today.
Top Ten Metrics Your Legal Department Should Be Tracking
What metrics are the most valuable to manage your legal department and show business value to the C-Suite?
Rolling the Dice: Why Relying on A/P and Invoice Approval Software May Be a Dangerous Game
Legal departments using only an A/P system for billing are wasting time and money that could directly go to the company’s bottom line.

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