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Acceptance by the Profession 

How many companies and law firms use the system?

Serengeti is the most widely used system for online legal management, as well as the fastest growing. More than 900 companies and 39,000 firms in 192 countries use Serengeti Tracker to control legal spend while saving time and money.

What professional recognition has your system received?

When evaluating legal technology, a key differentiator is what current clients say about their systems. Independent surveys show law department and law firm users rate Serengeti as their most preferred system. Corporate law departments rank Serengeti #1 based upon ease-of-use. Law firms placed Serengeti well ahead of the next closest vendor by a margin of 3:1. Serengeti is the top-rated system for both e-billing and matter management in the General Counsel Roundtable law department technology surveys, which measure overall satisfaction and cost vs. value.

Getting Started

How long does it take to get the system up and running?

Implementation typically lasts three months for large legal departments, less for small legal departments.

How are new users trained? How long does it take?

Training takes ten minutes for law firm billing personnel, one hour for anyone else using all features of the system. New users are trained right at their desks over the Internet and phone.

What types of online help resources are available?

Serengeti Tracker provides a special help link next to each field in Tracker. There is also a comprehensive searchable help section with detailed information, online tutorials and Quick Reference Guides.

Will my outside counsel need to be trained on the system?

Serengeti already connects with most of your firms, large and small, domestic and international.

Legal Matter Management

Can we eliminate much of the paper and emails coming from our law firms by having bills submitted electronically and increase data security?

Serengeti Tracker is Software as a Service (SaaS) technology, permitting law firms and in-house counsel to exchange all matter information on projects that they share. Security is at the project level--law firm users can access only those specific projects to which they have been invited by the law department (with additional security down to the document level).

Is there an easy way to see my action items without having to check all of the matters I am handling?

Yes, each individual user has a “dashboard” which presents links to that user’s action items, such as bills to be approved, significant developments, and documents awaiting review. For users who don’t want to check the Serengeti dashboard, the system also can send e-mail alerts for new action items.

Can the system track law department time?

Yes, Serengeti provides a quick way to capture in-house user time weekly (by percentage or actual time), permitting the law department to quantify the value that it provides and allowing allocation of law department costs to the appropriate business units.

Does the system maintain an audit trail of changes to key information?

Yes, Serengeti permits you to check the author and date/time of all changes to key data fields, ensuring accountability for system data.

International Capabilities

How many law firms outside of the U.S. use your system?

Serengeti has connected more than 10,000 foreign law firm offices in over 192 countries. Serengeti’s ability to accept both LEDES and non-LEDES bills and to handle more than 150 foreign currency conversions and VAT (Value Added Tax) makes it easy to process bills electronically from non-U.S. law firms.

Can company users select different currencies for their own reports? Can international users customize the system for ease of use?

Yes, individual in-house users can select any currency for their own reports, even if it is different than the currency that the law department administrators have chosen for their reports. Other features permit further customization for international users, such as changing how dates are entered and presented.

Electronic Billing

Do you require law firms to generate LEDES data in order to submit bills electronically through your system?

No, Serengeti accepts both LEDES and non-LEDES electronic bills. Non-law firm vendors and many foreign law firms cannot submit electronic bills to vendors that accept only LEDES data.

Can you process bills in common non-LEDES formats, such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, text file, etc.?

Yes, Serengeti accepts any electronic file format. For non-LEDES bills, law firms simply provide a cover sheet summarizing the fees, expenses, time period, and bill number (so that there is no data reentry by the client), and attach an electronic copy of the bill.

Does the client have to manually upload bills received via email or disc, or scan paper bills?

No, Serengeti receives all bills electronically directly from law firms and non-law firm vendors through encrypted Internet connections, so no upload work is required by the client.

System Cost

How do you charge my company for use of the system?

Serengeti charges law departments a fixed monthly fee, based upon the amount of work on the system. There is also a one-time setup and training charge, generally equivalent to two months of use charges. As a result, law departments can easily budget for the total annual cost of the system.

Do you charge law firms for use of the system?

No, Serengeti does not charge law firms to use the system.

What are the additional costs for maintenance, support, and upgrades?

Serengeti’s monthly fee covers all ongoing costs of system maintenance, support and upgrades.

What is the minimum contract term?

One year.

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