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Serengeti connects you with all your outside firms, not just the largest ones. More than 39,000 firms connect to 100% of our client law departments worldwide.
Serengeti is free to all outside law firms.
Serengeti is at the forefront for data security with SOC 2 and SOC 3 certifications. The SOC 2 compliance standard includes security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality as defined by the AICPA.
Serengeti’s entire system costs less than what other vendors charge just for basic e-billing. SaaS technology only requires a browser, fixed monthly fee and minimum one year term.
Serengeti implementations are as short as a week, and in all cases, less than three months.
Annual renewals for Tracker net 99%, and 100% client satisfaction.
Serengeti is built by lawyers, for lawyers. Best practices incorporate client feedback and expertise into every update.
Global legal workflow includes foreign currency bills, reporting, user preferences, international currency conversion and VAT standards.
Serengeti is the most widely accepted e-billing platform by 100% of the world’s largest law firms – those that comprise the AmLaw 200, the NLJ 250, and the AmLaw Global 100.


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