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Do you track external legal work with paper, spreadsheets or internal databases?

Legal departments often waste time dealing with paper bills, budgets, status updates, and other documents. Tracker solves this problem by capturing information and documents in a secure online workspace. With Tracker, crucial information is always at the fingertips of both in-house and outside firms.

Can you quickly identify legal projects that are off-track or over budget?

Most in-house counsel don't have the time or tools to continuously review all of their legal work. Tracker provides automatic dashboard alerts and reports that help catch problems early so they can be quickly addressed.

Do you have access to real time aggregated data?

Tracker compounds, analyzes and reports on billions of aggregated transactions, presenting real data and trends in a way corporate law departments can leverage. Users are able to streamline operations, analyze financial relationships with their firms and deliver highly effective legal work, saving time and money.

Would you benefit from increased visibility into all outside firm work?

Review the performance results of each firm with easy-to-understand, side-by-side comparison graphics by size or industry type with Tracker. Assign work to the firms that most effectively meet your needs and demonstrate the best value to your organization.

Are you effectively negotiating firm rates?

Compare and contrast rate proposals in one place, including detail about impact of changes, discounts provided, and comparisons to similarly situated firms and industry rate benchmarks.

Is bill review efficient and effective?

The process of locating and reviewing stacks of paper bills can result in missed opportunities for bill reduction. Serengeti Tracker manages the entire invoice review process, including automatically forwarding bills to reviewers, flagging billing guideline violations, presenting budget comparisons, and capturing adjustments and comments. Once a bill is approved, Tracker can automatically deliver it to your accounts payable system for payment.

Can you create a legal department budget and track spend against it?

Tracker streamlines budgeting by providing an online workspace that includes your estimates, external law firm budgets, historic spending, and accruals. Throughout the year, you can compare spend against budget and help prepare accurate reforecasts, if necessary.


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